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SAME Kaiserslautern Post MOVED TO: http://www.same.org/K-Town
View the 2016 SAME Kaiserslautern Program (pdf)  
Our Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament takes place on 19 May 2016 - view flyer (pdf).
View a presentation on: "WATER SECURITY - LITE" by Patrick Brady, BB Government Services GmbH  
SAME Chlorination Project Uganda April 2016
by Michael Ottensmann
view pdf 
view video/trailer
View a presentation on: "USACE Europe District Support to European Reassurance Initiative (ERI)" by Sean McDonald, USACE, February 2016
View a presentation on: ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY IN SUPPORT OF THE WARFIGHTER, by Mark Albe, ARCADIS Deutschland GmbH (view pdf).

View a presentation on sustainability, by Albin Toth, Lead Architect, AECOM (view pdf).



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